Year-End Ethnic Potluck Party @ temple!


BYOF, BYOD, Eat, Drink and Enjoy the year-end atmosphere!

A multicultural year-end party with meals from all over the world AT TEMPLE! Bring your favorite ethnic cuisines (Foreigners can bring their favorite Japanese food!) and any kind of drink, then go on a binge!

You’ll get free admission if you bring some uneaten food or untouched drinks (*Those should NOT be expired) from home!


The party would be like…

Photos of MET’s first potluck party held on Feb 24, 2017.


Year-End Ethnic Potluck Party @ temple!

December 22 (Fri), 2017

Open: 6:30pm
Start: 7pm


6:30pm- Write down your name on a sheet of paper at entrance of the venue.
7pm- Enjoy food, drink and chatting!


Myozenji Temple
3-2-13 Nishi-azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
*Closest station: Metro/Toei Roppongi


No food/drinks: ¥1,000
Foreigners who bring any ethnic cuisines/Japanese cuisine/drinks: FREE!
※Students: No participation fee.

Bring your country dishes and join us FOR FREE!

*Note: It has no application to fast food (Definition of “fast food”: a type of mass-produced food that is prepared and served very quickly).


Fill in your name in the blank below and press “コメントを送信” button and  come join us!


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