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Isao Tokuhashi, Founder of My Eyes Tokyo

Born in Chiba Pref. Japan

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Emma Withrow, Editor, MET English Edition

She moved to Tokyo in 2014 as a graduate student at the University of Tokyo. She received her MA in 2016 and is continuing to live and work here, with dreams of becoming a professional in the media and marketing sector. Prior to her move she lived in Ohio, USA with her family and three cats. She has always had an interest in Japan, as you can see in the photo of her wearing kimono at a cultural event when she was 6 years old!
Her hobbies include knitting, cooking new recipes, and she can usually be found exploring Tokyo’s many unique restaurants and bars. Lately, she’s been working as a model/actress and freelance marketing consultant.


MET supported by;

Risa Kobayashi
Student Staff

Minami Aradate
Student Staff

Masanori Tsuchibuchi

Daniel Penso   
Proofreader (English) *

Yuka Kayamori (Design Wave)
Web Design & Development   

Alisa Sanada (Nagomi Visit)


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