My Eyes Tokyo was launched in October 2006. I had some experiences interacting with foreigners in Japan before that. I was really interested in what they looked at and what they felt about their daily life in Japan. That’s the reason I started this project.
“My Eyes” in the name of this website means the expats’ points of view of Tokyo and Japan.

Also I wanted to transmit the current situation in Japan to people in the rest of the world. Many people know very much about traditional Japan but I wanted them to know about modern aspects of Japan, too.

My Eyes Tokyo brings you many stories of foreigners who are now living in modern Japanese society. I hope this website would be helpful for those who want to travel to Japan or live in Japan.

Now My Eyes Tokyo has interview articles and a radio show (*Archive) – we would like to contribute to helping Japan be a good place to live for people from any background and a place to visit for people from many different countries.

Isao Tokuhashi (My Eyes Tokyo founder)

*See this page about his career.