I was almost crying at the thought of Tohoku people during the concert held there.

Interviewed & written by Isao Tokuhashi Mail to:   Rolando Encinas Quena player   A worldwide quena player whom all Latin music lovers must know – that’s today’s interviewee. We met him on referral from Luis Carlos Severich, Japan-based Bolivian guitarist whom we interviewed in 2007. We faced Roland Encinas, a Bolivian quena player, two days after we got a phone call from Luis Carlos. The interview was conducted right before his concert so we didn’t have enough time to go deep into his background. But he talked about his ties with Japan affectionately. However, he had an expression


The sympathy with the aftermath of the earthquake almost doesn’t exist abroad. But there are still tons of problems to be solved in Tohoku.

Interviewed & written by Isao Tokuhashi Mail to:   Andrew Grimes Psychotherapist/Clinical Psychologist   One day, we received a mail from a gentleman. “I am very impressed by your website and the interviews there. If you would be interested in interviewing me, I would be grateful to you. We need to remind the rest of the country that there are still tens of thousands of people and children living in poor accommodation and with the fear of radiation”. He is Andrew Grimes, a UK-born psychologist/psychotherapist who has been working in Tokyo for about 30 years. He asked us to


Finding lucky in the unluckiest of tragedies (Serbia)

By Anna Fujiwara (My Eyes Tokyo) 日本語   In a charity event for the tragic Serbian flood of May 2014, jointly hosted by The International Center in Tokyo and My Eyes Tokyo (MET), MET had the opportunity to interview Ms. Jelena Jeremic from the Republic of Serbia and a cooking instructor of Serbian cuisine in Tokyo, and Mr. Nemanja Grbić, Attaché for the Serbian embassy, both whom are currently residents of Tokyo. Serbia and Japan have reached out to one another in times of tragedy and need, with Serbia offering help after the March 11 earthquake of Tohoku, and Japan

MET's Event


Join us at the Embassy of Serbia for the charity event for BALKAN FLOOD RELIEF!! Serbia has just been struck (May 2014) with a huge natural disaster, caused by heavy rain and overflowing rivers (Details: While this serious disaster in Balkan Peninsula has barely made the news in Japan, My Eyes Tokyo (MET) and The International Center inTokyo (ICT) decided to cosponsor this charity event for Serbia because it’s time for us to repay one of our greatest supporter who has donated more to the relief efforts for “The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake and tsunami”


Never forget 3.11

Two years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. It occurred at 2:46pm on March 11, 2011 (JST) and 2,668 people are still missing (As of March 11, 2013). So the 3.11 Earthquake is not a thing of the past at all. So My Eyes Tokyo features the interviews with expats who had the earthquake and who have given aid to the devastated areas. Read them when you have time and pray for Tohoku’s recovery. ● Kathy Bauer (From US, interviewed on Apr 3, 2011) ● Sri Lankan Curry Kitchen Project (Interviewed on Apr 24, 2011) ●


We hope to help other areas around the WORLD, not just in Japan.

Interviewed & written by Isao Tokuhashi Mail to:   Angela Ortiz (USA) Part2 Director of Administration of O.G.A. For AID Interview with Angela Ortiz, who’s been supporting people in the devastated area in the Northern part of Japan since 3.11 Earthquake occurred, still continues. In this part, we tell you about her team’s long-term projects for supporting residents in Tohoku. *Part1… click here! *Interview at Sea Side Center (Minami-sanriku, Miyagi Pref) 日本語 Photos by O.G.A. For AID   Supporting evacuees by farming In June 2012, we applied for NPO / Ippan shadan houjin (general incorporated association) status. We used to


“Japan is home. we’ve been here for too long, to do anything other than stay.”

Interviewed & written by Isao Tokuhashi Mail to:   Angela Ortiz (USA) Part1 Director of Administration of O.G.A. For AID My Eyes Tokyo flew to Tohoku finally in the summer 2012. We wanted to see an American woman who’s been supporting the 3.11 earthquake evacuees and residents in a quake-stricken area since the disaster occurred. And we wanted to say thank you to her. Isao Tokuhashi, My Eyes Tokyo organizer, sent a friend request to Angela Ortiz on Facebook in 2011 because he was going to ask her to tell us what was going on in Tohoku at that


I don’t want to associate my activities with the anti-nuclear movement.

Interviewed & written by Isao Tokuhashi Mail to:   Kateryna (Ukraine) Bandura player/singer (She’s been in Japan since Dec.2006) We interviewed a foreign musician in Tokyo for the first time in ages – introducing Kateryna from Ukraine. A friend of ours took us to a piano concert. She knows that we’ve been interviewing foreigners so she provided us the chance to meet Kateryna. It consisted of two parts and she performed in the beginning of the second part. A woman in a colorful costume beautifully plucked an Ukrainian instrument called “Bandura“, which has dozens of strings, and began to


We are voices. We are just narrating the world.

Interviewed by Isao Tokuhashi Written by Tomomi Tada & Isao Tokuhashi Mail to:   John Matthews (USA) Radio anchor & reporter (He has been in Japan since 2006) John Matthews – a journalist who usually broadcasts news coverage about Japan via NPR (National Public Radio), America’s non-profit media organization. “Voices have power, voices give us imagination”. He loves reading news and producing his podcast “The Japan Show,” a weekly discussion on news and views in Japan with his Australian expat co-host. John loves radio more than anything. What we could see in him through the conversation is that he


AP Tokyo Bureau

– A report from a local paper journalist – A Japanese journalist who works at a local paper joined My Eyes Tokyo’s talk session with AP Tokyo correspondent. He contributed his coverage about “How AP Tokyo reported on the Great East Japan Earthquake?” to us. The following is a summary of his memo of our talk. *Edited by Daniel Penso 校正協力:ダニエル・ペンソ 日本語   The talk session which introduced how reporters of the Associated Press covered and conveyed the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accidents to the world was held in Tokyo on June 26, 2011. Yuri Kageyama, AP Tokyo correspondent, and