Happy Birthday to Chad!

A Chadian tailor sells traditional dresses. *Photo from Wikipedia August 11 is: Independence Day, celebrates t


Happy Birthday to Niger!

A market in Maradi, the third largest city in Niger. *Photo from Wikipedia August 3 is Independence Day, celeb


Happy Birthday to Benin!

Beninese students. *Photo from Wikipedia August 1 is National Day, celebrates the independence of Benin from F


Happy Birthday to Liberia!

Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia. *Photo from Wikipedia July 26 is Independence Day, celebrates the indep


Happy Birthday to Comoros!

Comorians. They share African-Arab origins. *Photo from Wikipedia July 6 is Independence Day, celebrates the i


Happy Birthday to Malawi!

Children in Malawi. *Photo from Wikipedia July 6 is Independence Day/Republic Day, celebrates the independence


Happy Birthday to Algeria!

Algerian school children. *Photo from Wikipedia July 5 is Independence Day, celebrating the independence of Al


Happy Birthday to Cape Verde!

A kindergarten graduation in Santiago Island, Cape Verde. *Photo from Wikipedia July 5 is Independence Day, ce


Happy Birthday to DR Congo!

Youth and adults in Kinshasa, the capital and the largest city of DR Congo. *Photo from Wikipedia June 30 is I


Happy Birthday to Seychelles!

Victoria, the capital of Seychelles. *Photo from Wikipedia June 29 is Independence Day, celebrates the indepen


Happy Birthday to Djibouti!

Djibouti City, the eponymous capital and largest city of Djibouti. *Photo from Wikipedia June 27 is Independen


Happy Birthday to Madagascar!

Moraingy, a traditional martial art of Madagascar. *Photo from Wikipedia June 26 is Independence Day, celebrat


Happy Birthday to Mozambique!

Pupils in front of their school in Mozambique. *Photo from Wikipedia June 25 is Independence Day, celebrates t


Happy Birthday to Eritrea!

Saho women in traditional attire. The Saho are an ethnic group who are principally concentrated in Eritrea, wi


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