Join us at the Embassy of Serbia for the charity event for BALKAN FLOOD RELIEF!!

Serbia has just been struck (May 2014) with a huge natural disaster, caused by heavy rain and overflowing rivers (Details: http://www.tokyo.mfa.gov.rs/index.php). While this serious disaster in Balkan Peninsula has barely made the news in Japan, My Eyes Tokyo (MET) and The International Center inTokyo (ICT) decided to cosponsor this charity event for Serbia because it’s time for us to repay one of our greatest supporter who has donated more to the relief efforts for “The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake and tsunami” than any other European country for the first half year!!!

So we’d like to say thank you to Serbia through this charity event, which must be a good opportunity to learn its cultures, heritages, people and so on… It’s not a simple charity event but full of events which will offer practical knowledge and richness to your life. Entrance fee is for FREE but participants are required to purchase at least one Raffle ticket ¥1,000/each at the door.


Co-organized by

ICT is an open English/Japanese-speaking community to get to know more Japan throughout our wide-ranging activities (held 60 classes, 16 workshops in total).


Event schedule

1. (7pm-) Welcome speech by His Excellency, Mr. Nenad Glišić, Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia


2. Interview

Talk in public with Mr. Nemanja Grbić, Attaché (Consular Affairs) of Embassy of the Republic of Serbia and Jelena Jeremic, a Serbian resident in Japan, by Isao Tokuhashi (Founder of MET). He will interview the embassy staff and hear the things such as;

-His/her childhood memories in Serbia

-His/her image of Japan that he/she had previously cherished before his/her came to Japan.

-What did he/she feel at the moment of 311? What did he/she want to do for people in devastated areas?

-What did he/she feel when he/she heard about the flood in Serbia? How did he/she provide aid for victims actually?

*The interview will be followed by Q& A session. You can also ask the staff about anything!

☆ Before the interview, we’ll do the “OPEN MIC with Google Images”! Grab a microphone and say anything related to Serbia Images. Feel free share your impressions on the country with us!


3. (7:45pm-) Summer Drink Workshop – with Serbian and Japanese Ingredients

ICT will hold a Summer Drink Workshop where you can learn how to make a refreshing drink with the great harmonization of Japanese and Serbian culture by blending Japanese tea and Serbian fruit jams, which goes well with Serbian food. ICT will also sell its original tea blends which were chosen as the best blends in ICT’s past three workshops by the participants from all over the world !!! The profit of the sale will also go to the charity.

4.(8:30pm-) Flower arrangement performance with the sound of BASS and buddhist priest’s chant

Sosen Imai, a contemporary flower artist, will show you the 21st century style Ikebana. He uses scissors like a totally different thing. The fusion of ikebana, groovy bass sound by Koyu Suzuki and chant by Ryuichi Sato, chief priest of Enno-in Temple – What’s going to happen? You will see!

*Schedule and content may be changed.


5. (9pm-) Raffles

We will have the Raffles at the end of this event. The prize will be something very practical and valuable goods or maybe tasty and aromatic. Don’t miss it!!!

*Raffle sponsors’ list: Click!


*Event will end around 9:30pm.




【Date & Time】September 5 (Fri) 7pm – 9:30pm (open 6:30pm)

【Venue】 Embassy of the Republic of Serbia

4-7-24 Kita-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku 140-0001 Tokyo Japan

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/HZsX3


【Participation fee】FREE

*Every attendee is required to purchase at least 1 raffle ticket (¥1,000/each). Amount of contributions will be sent to victims in the devastated areas in Serbia through the embassy.

*Snacks and soft drinks will be served for FREE!

*Alcoholic beverages (Beers, Wine etc.) for extra charge.



Please e-mail to Tsubasa Kato (Jojo), ICT organizer, or sign up here by September 3 (Wed), 2014

1.Registration through mail

Jojo’s mail address is info@intlcentertokyo.com  (Click the address and the mail reservation form comes out). Write down ①your name②country where you’re from③your e-mail address④the name(s) of accompanying person(s) and the number of them

2. From the registration form

Enter here and fill out your name, e-mail address, country etc.

*For the guests who don’t make a reservation, bring your ID card for security reason.

*If you have any questions or need more information about the event, please feel free to ask Jojo at info@intlcentertokyo.com.


Supported by




1 FREE nail treatment ticket for raffles from Arusha!
http://www.arusha.co.jp/ (*Japanese)
https://www.facebook.com/Arusha.japan (*Japanese)
*Her interview articles on My Eyes Tokyo:Part1 Part2


Tokyo Gaijins



Shonan Flower Coordinate (SFC)

https://www.facebook.com/sfchana (*Japanese/English)


1 FREE handmade accessory for raffles from yummy!
http://yummysgallery.net/  (*Japanese)


Pirates of Tokyo Bay (POTB)

Some FREE improv comedy show tickets for raffles from POTB!
*Interview with Mike Staffa, founder of POTB:http://www.myeyestokyo.com/6692


Mother Earth Solution

3 sets of high-end bath powder called “CLAYD for Bath ONE TIME” for raffles from Mother Earth Solution!
http://www.claydjapan.com/ (*Japanese)



3 sets of fine choice of honey & vegan muffin for raffles from Co3 Cafe & DAUGHTER BOUTIQUE!
☆Co3 Cafe: https://www.facebook.com/cosancafe  (*Japanese)
http://daughter-boutique.com/ (*Japanese)
https://www.facebook.com/daughterboutiquemuffin (*Japanese)



Tad Bit More ~ Polo shirts made in Japan ~

1 owl-printed T-shirt for raffles from Tad Bit More!



1 set of champaign glasses & a bouquet made by artificial flowers for raffles from Casablanca!


Kawakami Sangyo Co, Ltd.

5 sets of “bubble wrap” items for raffles from Kawakami Sangyo!
http://www.putiputi.co.jp/ (*Japanese)
*MET interview with Ayaka Sugiyama, Executive director of Kawakami Sangyo: http://www.myeyestokyo.com/6178


International Cultural Exchange Center

http://www.icec-tokyo.jp/ (*Japanese)


Cupcake & Style (Ms. Yukiko Hyodo)

http://ameblo.jp/ccandstyle/ (*Japanese)


TEDee Tokyo



S&N Information Limited



Yanai Sangiken (Mr. Katsutoshi Yanai)


Mr. Kenzo Tamukai


Ms. Mami Narita


Ms. I.S


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