Do you know “Tanabata”?


Yoko Kawakami
My Eyes Tokyo E/J Translator  


You may see this kind of colorful sight when you visit Japan in early July.

Taken by ymtnprn

What are these ornaments? These are for Tanabata, the Star Festival! Japanese people celebrate Tanabata (七夕) on July 7th. This festival is originated from the Chinese legend of two stars, Orihime (織姫, Vega) and Hikoboshi (彦星, Altair). According to the legend, Orihime, a weaving girl, and Hikoboshi, a cowherd boy, loved each other so much that they stopped working hard. The Emperor became mad at them and separated them by the Milky Way, but allowed them to meet once a year on the night of July 7th.  

これは七夕、つまりStar Festivalの飾りです。日本の人々は7月7日に七夕を祝います。この祭りは、織姫(ベガ)と彦星(アルタイル)の二つの星にまつわる中国の伝説を起源としています。この伝説によると、恋人同士の機織り娘の織姫と牛飼いの彦星は、恋愛に夢中になり過ぎて仕事をろくにしなくなりました。これに腹を立てた天帝によって、二人は銀河をへだてて引き離されてしまいますが、後に一年に一度7月7日の夜にだけ会うことを許されました。  



For Tanabata, Japanese people decorate bamboo branches with strips of colorful papers and ornaments to celebrate the reunion of the two stars. As you can see in the picture above, wishes and hopes are written on the strips (Sorry, those are written in Japanese!). It is said that these wishes and hopes come true. They are full of variety, from personal wishes like “I wish to be happy and rich” to comparatively bigger hopes like “Peace for all over the world!”



Have a happy Tanabata Day!


11059566_10206380329483763_4417771184057227564_nTaken by Elizabeth Ishiyama


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