Chiba Prefecture


A prefecture located in the Kanto region and the Greater Tokyo Area.  



It is in western Chiba Prefecture, facing Tokyo across the Edogawa River. It is located approximately 20 kilometers from the center of Tokyo.

Keisei Ichikawamama (市川真間) Station has been renamed for a limited time until Mother’s Day. *Taken by Munekazu Hattori

16996216_1088720551251475_3887113462825861474_n16938741_1088720544584809_2226202976746957059_n16996332_1088720601251470_7830254953081153268_nIt says “感謝” (Thanks).

16998054_1088720621251468_3411150460228080619_nRetirement ceremony of rail cars held at Keisei Ichikawa-mama Station. *Taken by Munekazu Hattori

Hokkekyo-ji Temple, Ichikawa

A temple of the Nichiren School, a confederation of four of the original Nichiren Buddhist Schools, founded during the Kamakura period.

IMG_5135IMG_5122IMG_5127 IMG_5137Tied o-mikuji, random fortunes written on strips of paper. When the prediction is bad, it is a custom to fold up the strip of paper and attach it to a pine tree or a wall of metal wires alongside other bad fortunes in the temple or shrine grounds. He/she can also tie it to the tree or wires so that the fortune has a greater effect or he/she can keep it for luck.

IMG_5138Statue of Nichijo, the first abbot of the temple.

*Taken by Isao Tokuhashi

IMG_8151Taken on the New Year’s Day, 2014, by Isao Tokuhashi


Kujukuri Beach

It is approximately 60 kilometers (37 mi) long, making it the second longest beach in Japan. The Beach is a popular swimming and surfing destination for inhabitants of Greater Tokyo.

Taken by Leo Kim

13939547_1047586385331764_2388211328190481792_n13901360_1047586395331763_6303152648245851086_n13901468_1047586405331762_2886401238891664572_nTaken by Megumi Honzawa


Mother Farm, Futtsu

A wide spread of farming pastureland built in 1962 by Hisakichi Maeda, the founder of Tokyo Tower.

Taken by Daisuke Ikenaga

12398911_10153894645457932_1785940942_n 12391041_10153895155692932_480861801529579035_n 12366486_10153895155747932_2034786688558554113_n 12373228_10153895155512932_7633715660377539122_nTaken by Tijana Zdravkovic



Located in northwestern Chiba Prefecture, which is the 7th most populous city in Greater Tokyo.

Taken by Noriko Komatsu

15327347_1186510521441081_7109561378826946792_n15327396_1186510698107730_2937249935551177290_n15492234_1186512111440922_5178136853698845567_nTaken by Noriko Komatsu



The site of Narita International Airport.

Central Narita
Roughly defined as the area between JR Narita Station, Keisei Narita Station and the Shishoji Temple. The main road in this area is Omote-sando (表参道), which is lined with about 150 small shops and has been extensively renovated in recent years.

Approach (Omote-sando) to Shinsho-ji Temple. *Taken by Shawn Sayama De Haven

DSC01050Approach packed with New Year worshippers. *Taken by Devon McNare

11218969_10203976322639599_1028683143882579955_nTaken by Koichiro Abe

11046657_10203579434437642_2739624768638943223_n11041790_10203579434557645_3249950159209139969_n10981509_10203579434717649_2977152972977021352_n1487435_10203579435357665_5229384790753816172_nThe bar called “Jet Lag Club“, where the aircrews come from all over the world to enjoy drinking and chatting with each other. *Taken by Koichiro Abe

537245_4424417801301_1551742822_nJR Narita Station 399988_4424528684073_687586328_nApproach to Shinsho-ji Temple601256_4578077242691_557852402_nWalking approach with a cup of “karaage” (Fried chicken)

550355_4578170125013_1275722134_nHuge crowd of participants of Setsubun Festival, which celebrates the close of winter.
*Taken by Isao Tokuhashi  

Ramen Bayashi
A ramen shop located near JR/Keisei Narita Station. It’s really popular among aircrews from abroad. *See this article for more info.

IMG_2984IMG_2979IMG_2964IMG_2967Decorated with toy planes & airline stickers↓ IMG_2972IMG_2971Massage notebooks for aircrews, that are classified according to airlines.
IMG_2968IMG_2965Red hot chili pepper soup noodle *Taken by Isao Tokuhashi  



A city located in northern Chiba Pref.

Taken after Coming of age ceremony by Naoko Yokoyama

August 14, 2017

IMG_9175May 22, 2017

IMG_9031April 23, 2017

img_8550December 18, 2016

img_7871August 6, 2016

IMG_7771June 20, 2016

IMG_6923 April 9, 2016
*Those are taken by Isao Tokuhashi

16938501_1118269058296013_6736674587626744745_n 16683823_1118269064962679_3321672448439945254_n Yotsukaido Mud Festival. See this article for the details of the event. *Taken by Hiroshi Wada



A city located in the far northwestern corner of the Prefecture, bordered by the Edogawa River to the west.

Tojo House

It is built in 1884 during the Meiji era by Tokugawa Akitake, the last feudal lord of Mito province, as a second home.

Taken by Nazuki Yoshida

Edogawa Matsudo Flower Line

Taken by Nazuki Yoshida

12795402_10205715018742782_2670651137607154980_n 12794467_10205715018022764_9041055431317277127_n 10334402_10205715019302796_5595167475957857365_nWinter cherry blossoms and lovely birds! *Taken by Nazuki Yoshida



Located at the far southern tip of the Boso Peninsula, facing the Pacific Ocean to the east and south, and the entrance to Tokyo Bay on the west.

Tateyama Castle, built in 1580 and demolished in 1614. The current donjon was reconstructed in 1982 to boost local tourism and to function as an annex to the local Tateyama City Museum.  

Taken by Misao Tachibana  

Taken by Mekdachi Khalil  

You can learn and experience the horse riding by the sea. Lessons are provided by Horse Trekking Park Tateyama. *Taken by Keisuke Goda  


Nakayama Racecourse, Funabashi

It is used for horse racing. Opened in 1907.

Taken by Yuki Kondo



It is located on the Pacific coast of central Boso Peninsula, encompassing the area of the popular Kujukuri Beach.

Tamasaki Shrine  

Kujukuri Beach
*Taken by Nazuki Yoshida


Tokyo Wonder Festival 2017

Held at Makuhari Messe on July 30, 2017. The festival features garage kits.

Taken by Masayuki Miyazaki  


Keisei Rose Garden

A place where you can see various kinds of roses all over the world. It’s situated in Yachiyo, located in northern Chiba Prefecture.

Taken by Rumi Kakehashi  



It’s best known as the home of the Tokyo Disney Resort.

18301929_457353921266294_2250458097989628742_n 18222482_457353991266287_6787879399953732443_nTaken by Haku Tomo  



A city located in the western part of the Boso Peninsula. The highly industrialized northern part of the city sits on Tokyo Bay, while the southern part of the city is primarily mountainous.

18010146_546655285722461_6808949446048755529_n 18033868_546655349055788_4468660782214807297_n 18033940_546655379055785_1146224054803589556_n 18057030_546655325722457_4475228737712842252_nIchihara Art x Mix festival runs in the remote rural areas of Ichihara City until May 14 (Sun). See this page for the details.
*Taken by Masao Shibata

17264345_10208315869590583_7725215757401418911_nTaken by Takashi Goto  



A city located in the western part of central Boso Peninsula.

17836704_1317230841699107_2026826847_oTaken by Yusuke Goto  



A city located in northern Chiba Prefecture. There’s an old Japanese merchant district called Sawara, with historical canal.

17309062_1257421741014395_5819803993471787898_nTaken by Akira Tamachi  

11199005_449131901930085_2012349705_n11210214_449131898596752_2053360686_n11195472_449131895263419_791414179_nTaken by Yuko Murayama  



The easternmost city in the Greater Tokyo Area. It is known as a center of soy sauce production and home to the Choshi Fishing Port.

17201421_1255655517857684_3556231567242772068_n 17191195_1255655487857687_4592090498707033741_nWindmills for electric generation. *Taken by Akira Tamachi

16388178_10211814259533682_5163656372384039138_n16265487_10211814259413679_6109474308884096167_n16195661_10211814257253625_4914587181573074770_nIlluminated train and normal one of the Choshi Electric Railway Line. *Taken by Yuki Kondo


Narita Airport

Also known as Tokyo Narita Airport, which is located approximately 60km (37 mi) east of central Tokyo. As of 2013, Narita was the second-busiest passenger airport in Japan, and was the tenth-busiest air freight hub in the world.

16996044_1672474279446383_709732960812757054_nTaken by Kenny Lahaina

15356657_1223044434441974_7206203796083745401_nTaken by Masami Nagase

12814281_10153876223641132_5371015724266617636_n (1)A crew of the Japanese TV show called “Why Did You Come To Japan?” interviewing a tourist to Japan. *Taken by Yasuaki Shikuri

12316288_10207891199539277_4571866242691540936_nTaken by Kumiko Kondoh

12140765_10153743127887640_3362066680808666372_nTaken by Ayami Ito

10174855_10204861609371214_3577581850861804601_n (1)Hong Kong-bound low cost airline departing from its newest Terminal. *Taken by Koichiro Abe



A city located in the western part of the Boso Peninsula. The Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, a bridge-tunnel across Tokyo Bay, connects Kisarazu and the cities of Kawasaki and Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture.

16114810_1209557355800834_2311970593706511108_n 16142511_1209557382467498_367076799224125252_nSunrise seen from Umihotaru, an artificial island at the bridge-tunnel crossover point of Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line. *Taken by Akira Tamachi

14681627_10210801643258908_1919571964469481369_n14729207_10210801657419262_756496793659065628_n14708313_10210801699740320_5552415805292548778_n14642395_10210801641978876_2068061408592302782_nChiba Aqualine Marathon held on October 23, 2016. *Taken by Yuki Kondo

14264234_883066878492933_6587207593800240094_n14264807_883066895159598_6522033522685968365_nUtility poles standing in the sea. *Taken by Takeaki Higashiyama


Yoro Valley

Located in Boso Peninsula that encompasses the entirety of Chiba Prefecture.

16114033_1209720722451164_8907214586058965552_n16174721_1209720802451156_8396096457258084746_nTaken by Akira Tamachi

15181383_931139490352338_1675270462552121100_n15202598_931139487019005_5642787051729299420_n15134795_931139593685661_3654402075117181527_n15203383_931139470352340_7078357531698463664_nTaken by Takeaki Higashiyama



Located in southern Chiba Prefecture. It is famous for Katsuura Fishing Port, which features one of the top three largest morning markets in Japan.

16195245_1208816319208271_6088469596139237217_n 16105708_1208816345874935_7103032109043622544_n16174745_1209808682442368_4324545713352924177_nSteam locomotive services available on February 21 & 22, 2017. *Taken by Akira Tamachi


Tokyo Auto Salon 2017

An annual auto show held in January at Makuhari Messe. It is one of the top motor shows globally for modified and tuned cars.

15941167_10210460913051901_7750496677839860213_n15966003_10210460915651966_6965166660321862685_n16106023_10210460915611965_2510363283499441793_n16105737_10210460913651916_814881350115858650_n15940963_10210460917372009_5225959935535979194_n15977061_10210460917412010_3732024234431319267_nTaken by Masayuki Miyazaki


Lake Tega

A small lake located in northern Chiba Pref.

15826092_600172483520856_7511741969600015201_nBreathtaking New Year sunset with a gull. *Taken by Miyumi Chiba



A city near the southern tip of the Boso Peninsula, facing the Pacific Ocean.

14203187_933069063483292_2767179555975894638_nRailroad station and Pacific Ocean.


Tokyo Game Show 2016

Held on September 17 & 18 at Makuhari Messe.

14291664_1085485071541397_1750961973564788937_n14322708_1086996908056880_4492207788977958014_n14359116_1086996774723560_8735673256901400075_n14390737_1086996574723580_3286581929427181051_n14222307_1086996881390216_2627442091016151337_n14354911_1086996828056888_6821569737722431951_n14355694_1087011428055428_4184705378988881525_nTaken by Akira Tamachi



A city located in northern Chiba Prefecture. The city is also noted for its production of mirin, a sweetened sake used for cooking.

946191_10205866137680661_7614946911942364012_n 1476116_10205866139160698_4747759796769433834_n 934722_10205866129600459_6264156122483040916_nA sea of yellow rapeseed flowers. *Taken by Nazuki Yoshida


Chiba Urban Monorail, Chiba

A two-line suspended monorail system, which is the world’s longest one at 15.2 km in track length.

12366435_10205040194355727_146414330786089287_nTaken by Koichiro Abe


Country Farm Tokyo German Village, Sodegaura

A theme park which features a serene countryside of Germany. Its concept of this park is “Enjoying spending time with nature”.

12208259_1057517180960230_7726951793692079151_n10984495_1057517227626892_5654155857785312688_n12247098_1057517237626891_9127995510585634874_n12241538_1057517270960221_8694894060578344219_n11693925_1057517187626896_5994349462976703150_n12227756_1057517204293561_690431894974321848_n12243236_1057517214293560_6358165791393299209_nTaken by Mayu Takeda  


Mt. Nokogiri (Nokogiriyama)

Literally “saw mountain”. It runs east to west, having the characteristic sawtoothed profile of a Japanese saw (鋸 nokogiri). It falls steeply into Tokyo Bay on its western side.

12006375_871245486299189_8486504903433457768_n (1)12038299_871061636317574_157050261779092031_n12004774_871061682984236_1522591683202797380_n12019948_871061582984246_124012925945970967_nTaken from the mountaintop by Megumi Honzawa  



A city located in northern Chiba Prefecture. It’s situated 40 kilometers northeast of Tokyo and 15 kilometers from Narita International Airport.

11195382_449131568596785_1778065950_nThe windmill at Furusato Square. It was built by Dutch engineers in 1994 and was called “De Liefde” (“Love” in Dutch). *Taken by Yuko Murayama 11216099_449131581930117_1439928200_nKeisei Line train, which connects Tokyo (Ueno) and Narita Airport, runs near the windmill. *Taken by Yuko Murayama  


Katori Shrine

A Shinto shrine in the city of Katori in Chiba Prefecture. It is the head shrine of the approximately 400 Katori shrines around the country (located primarily in the Kanto region).

10877766_778277758917698_1187564981_n 10899692_778277752251032_436821657_n 10904363_778277755584365_1502548862_n 10933162_778277762251031_760028907_nTaken by Yuka Kayamori