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Interviewed & written by Isao Tokuhashi
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Israeli restaurant (Shirokane-Takanawa)


Today we introduce you to a calm Israeli restaurant “David’s Deli”.
We visited this restaurant and believed Jewish cuisine is becoming popular among us. Many Japanese were enjoying Jewish recipes there. We interviewed Dan Zuckerman, manager of Devid Deli.


IMGP4903.JPG.jpeg IMGP4905.JPG.jpeg
(Left) Pita
(Right) Shredded meat hummus

IMGP4908.JPG.jpeg IMGP4910.JPG.jpeg
(Left) Shakshuka
(Right) Combination salad


When did you start working at this restaurant?

A year ago.


Before that, what did you do?

I had my own business. Making and delivering sandwiches and soup to offices. Sandwich delivery business. I was the only worker. I made sandwiches and delivered them.

Prior to starting my own business, I was a manager at a cafe in Akasaka. They make sandwiches so I thought I would be able to do that by myself. So I stopped working there and started my own business. I used to buy pita bread here.

I used to buy pita for sandwiches here. Later, the owner of this restaurant asked me, “Why don’t you manage this restaurant?” My business was not going so well. It was very difficult to do business by myself. So I said OK.

IMGP4953.JPG.jpeg IMGP4955.JPG.jpeg
(Left) Hummus
(Right) Couscous


You cook Jewish recipes here?

We cook Jewish and Israeli food. We have a Japanese chef. Our first chef was Israeli. His name is David and he taught how to cook to the Japanese chef.

We make authentic Jewish and Israeli food. Very high level. Some of them are better than in Israel. Arab people from Egypt come here and have falafel (a fried ball or patty made from spiced fava beans and/or chickpeas). It’s very good.


You make food here by using Japanese ingredients?

No, we use ingredients from Israel as much as possible. Hummus and spices… everything is from Israel. Spices, ingredients… maybe 90% of them are from Israel.



Do you think Japanese people are learning your culture?

Generally speaking, Japanese people don’t know much about Israel. They don’t care so much. They are interested in Christian people and culture… related to the Bible. People who come here are also interested in the Bible, Old Testament. Such people are interested in Israel. But other Japanese don’t know about our country. It’s not interesting for them. But they come here and can learn through food. They can learn a lot about our culture.

So from this aspect, I think we are introducing Israeli culture to Japan. It’s very nice. It’s not only business but also introducing Israel to Japan in a nice way.


David’s Deli

5-13-13 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone (from overseas) +81-3-5441-1211(from other areas in Japan) 03-5441-1211

*If you want to know about Mr. Zuckerman, click here!


IMGP4912.JPG.jpeg IMGP4949.JPG.jpeg
(Left) Chagall’s work; The Jerusalem Windows
(Right) Oven for pita from Israel

IMGP4961.JPG.jpeg IMGP4987.JPG.jpeg


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