Known as an upscale area of Tokyo with numerous department stores, boutiques, restaurants and coffeehouses. Ginza is recognized as one of the most luxurious shopping districts in the world.


Taken by Kiwako Agake


Taken near Tokyo Metro/Toei Higashi-ginza Station. Downtown ​​Ginza is seen in the back of the photo. *Taken by Isao Tokuhashi


Ginza Pedestrian Paradise *Taken by Isao Tokuhashi

18222269_10155243831517640_1624038321451951157_nTaken by Ayami Ito

17309835_10155114357317173_5383406372635857845_n17424699_10155114357307173_3966365909753639930_n17499351_10155114357312173_8620813166269602199_nTaken by Ko An


16806929_10154995906917640_4150175288773487735_nTaken by Ayami Ito


15338779_1160412090715361_4937628782692521546_n15327358_1160413600715210_1029943563455044382_n15267899_1160414464048457_7598666720543505523_n15350542_1160412047382032_568463520575178923_nTaken by Akira Tamachi


Medalists parade

Many people welcome Rio de Janeiro Olympics and Paralympics medalists on October 7, 2016.

14502904_885089404958980_922832117586424117_n14484806_885089431625644_4686138669565739578_n14520565_885089438292310_4673966331559531895_nTaken by Makoto Saotome

14520510_881275425340571_6867239505425023019_n14494857_881275452007235_6213885997302616459_nTaken by Kiwako Agake


img_8066Taken by Isao Tokuhashi

13619810_10154361735672173_6406599200450031633_n13781834_10154361735632173_7826552677275386457_n13873059_10154361735622173_8192728087755351022_n13669169_10154361735522173_8859903761901382354_nTaken by Ko An


View from Tokyu Plaza Ginza

13592234_10209386581437421_883900186285587740_nTaken by Sarah Nishina


2:46PM on March 11, 2016

The M9.0 earthquake occurred at the same time 5 years ago.

12794522_763953687072746_7375847977206221068_nTaken by Kiwako Agake


IMG_5933IMG_5941IMG_5944Ginza Pedestrian Paradise *Taken by Isao Tokuhashi

12376516_10153730520738617_4175991663554532557_n (1)Taken by Jelena Jeremic

12299156_10153695170848617_3777770170086120523_nYakitori bar called “Take-chan”
*Comment from photographer: “95 year old Take-san has been making yakitori in this restaurant for over half of a century. A piece of old Edo in the middle of luxurious Ginza. Undoubtedly the best yakitori I’ve had so far.” 
*Taken by Jelena Jeremic

12341200_899414023482335_366292630931532368_n12289647_899413383482399_508060489979040057_nTaken by Megumi Honzawa


Ginza Chazen

A new tea ceremony room, especially designed for foreign tourists who wish to experience traditional Japanese culture. See for more details.

12187684_884637324939497_4143891226666974831_n12191725_884637344939495_6055811291718365918_nTaken by Katsuya Nagata   12047071_884612204942009_3012329794532782698_n12187937_884637311606165_4606854208493686214_nTaken by Katsuya Nagata


A London Bus in Ginza!

Owned by an English school in Chiba Pref called “English Master”. 12141780_10207831906701572_6716559457710236786_n12105723_10207831906261561_3449401506020177507_n12046753_10207831906781574_1857114691779443532_n12066039_10207831907221585_4900213488556001571_nTaken by Yutaka Ijichi (Founder of English Master)  


12115500_902851596463312_1774517468894775170_n (1)Taken by Kiku Chi   11831788_940577429298593_470036356748442012_nFire breakout on the subway rail track near Ginza Station around 10:30pm on August 9. *Taken by Hiromi Suzuki   20227_10204413406646426_7059094849847975168_nWako Building. Current one was built in 1932. Originally it was founded in 1881 by Kintaro Hattori as a watch and jewelry shop called K. Hattori (now Seiko Holdings Corporation). *Taken by Koichiro Abe   11041443_609720762496329_8478891406625475594_nKabukiza, the principal theater for the traditional kabuki drama form. *Taken by Fumiko Nozawa   10460230_884420371615114_3984542084275185799_nTaken by Candy Sakai   10258754_801561753267563_1483288928357066683_nPedestrian “paradise” on weekend *Taken by Megumi Honzawa   IMG_1748Apple Store Ginza *Taken by Isao Tokuhashi   11046421_899708106748170_3709321974266817064_nTaken by Shigeki Kakutani  


Right after the earthquake/nuclear plant crisis

199409_157021357692120_1365119_n 205297_157022111025378_4579556_nGinza was dark at 7PM, as the Save Electricity movement was taking over Japan after the crisis in the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant caused an energy shortage. Sad to see dimmed lights in the usually blinding Ginza but conserving energy was priority at that time. (April 2, 2011) *Taken by My Eyes Tokyo    


1975010_769163113153586_5206113475280080867_nTaken by Katsuya Nagata   10349948_10153078870032173_76408609655088528_nTaken by Ana Kontic   10929001_10205358272223922_287731678144695066_nTaken by Bas Martens