Happy Birthday to Bolivia!

People in the city center of La Paz, the de facto national capital of Bolivia. *Photo from Wikipedia

August 6 is Independence Day of Bolivia, celebrates the independence of Bolivia from Spain in 1825.

Before Spanish colonization, the Andean region of Bolivia was part of the Inca Empire, while the northern and eastern lowlands were inhabited by independent tribes.
Spanish conquistadors arriving from Cuzco and Asunción took control of the region in the 16th century. During the Spanish colonial period Bolivia was administered by the Royal Audiencia of Charcas. Spain built its empire in great part upon the silver that was extracted from Bolivia’s mines.
After the first call for independence in 1809, 16 years of war followed before the establishment of the Republic, named for Simón Bolívar, on August 6, 1825.

In commemoration of the day, we introduce you to the great musicians from Bolivia.
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“I was almost crying at the thought of Tohoku people during the concert held there.” – Rolando Encinas, Quena player

*Reference: Wikipedia