Happy Birthday to Nauru!

Aerial view of Nauru. *Photo from Wikipedia

January 31 is Nauru’s Independence Day, celebrates independence from Australia in 1968.

Settled by native peoples from Micronesia and Polynesia, Nauru was annexed and claimed as a colony by the German Empire in the late 19th century.
After World War I, Nauru became a League of Nations mandate administered by Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. During World War II, Nauru was occupied by Japanese troops, who were bypassed by the Allied advance across the Pacific.
After the war ended, the country entered into UN trusteeship. Nauru gained its independence in 1968.

Nauru, officially the Republic of Nauru (formerly known as Pleasant Island) is an island country in Micronesia in the Central Pacific. It has no armed forces, though there is a small police force under civilian control. Australia is responsible for Nauru’s defense under an informal agreement between the two countries.

*Reference: Wikipedia