Happy Statehood Day of Montenegro!

Podgorica, the capital and largest city of Montenegro. *Photo from Wikipedia

July 13 is Montenegro’s Statehood Day.

It is a holiday that occurs every year on July 13 in Montenegro to commemorate the day in 1878 on which the Berlin Congress recognized Montenegro as the 27th independent state in the world, and that in 1941 the Montenegrins staged an uprising against the Nazi occupiers and sided with the partisan communist movement.

The Congress of Berlin (or Berlin Congress; June 13 – July 13, 1878) was a meeting of the representatives of the Great Powers of the time (Russia, Great Britain, France, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Germany and the Ottoman Empire) and four Balkan states (Greece, Serbia, Romania and Montenegro), aiming at determining the territories of the states in the Balkan peninsula following the Russo-Turkish War of 1877 – 78.
The Congress came to an end with the signing of the Treaty of Berlin, which replaced the preliminary Treaty of San Stefano signed three months earlier between Russia and the Ottoman Empire.

Montenegro is a sovereign state in Southeastern Europe. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the south-west and is bordered by Croatia to the west, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the northwest, Serbia to the northeast, Kosovo to the east and Albania to the south-east.

*Reference: Wikipedia