JATA Tourism EXPO Japan 2015 (Japan Section)


This expo is one of the largest travel events in the world, which presents Japan as a tourism nation to the world, further developing outbound, inbound and domestic travel. It was held on September 26 and 27 at Tokyo Big Sight.

*Asia Section: http://www.myeyestokyo.com/11165
*North/South America Section: http://www.myeyestokyo.com/11230
*Europe Section: http://www.myeyestokyo.com/11248
*Middle East/Africa/Oceania Section: http://www.myeyestokyo.com/11282
*Airports & Airlines Section: http://www.myeyestokyo.com/11304


IMG_3592IMG_3398IMG_3378Kochi Prefecture, located on the south coast of Shikoku
IMG_3380Chiba Prefecture, located in the Greater Tokyo Area
IMG_3388IMG_3399Shiga Prefecture, which forms part of the Kansai region in the western part of Honshu island. It encircles Lake Biwa, the largest freshwater lake in Japan.
IMG_3402People joining the Donburi (Rice bowl) Grand Prix. They vote their favorite local rice bowl and the champion is chosen on the basis of popularity.
IMG_3405IMG_3406IMG_3410IMG_3412IMG_3417Nara Prefecture, which is in the Kansai region. It has the distinction of having more UNESCO World Heritage Listings than any other prefecture.
IMG_3422Yuru-chara Grand Prix. Yuru-chara is a category of mascot characters; usually created to promote a place or region, event, organisation or business.
IMG_3514Live performance of Okinawan dance called “Eisa”
IMG_3578Yuru-charas and a singer from Hokkaido