I want to be a “doctor” that takes care of not only human health, but also the health of all living things, nature and our planet.

Interview by Isao Tokuhashi Edited by Jennifer A. Hoff Mail to:   Sebastian Zieliński (Poland) Acupuncturist and Chiropractor There are some countries that we’ve met people from, but not interviewed. One of them is Poland. Kakikofu (和氣香風), a traditional Japanese medicine clinic in Tokyo, has allowed us to introduce a great student from this country. Sebastian Zieliński, a young, energetic, serious, enthusiastic acupuncturist, flew to Japan all the way from across Eurasia to take training on acupuncture, martial arts and bodywork from Hiroshi Yamamoto, the co-owner of Kakikofu. Yamamoto has been sharing his medical knowledge and philosophy with many people from