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日本語 Interview by Isao Tokuhashi and Jennifer A. Hoff Edited by Jennifer A. Hoff info@myeyestokyo.com   Noriki Tamura Entrepreneur When we at My Eyes Tokyo (MET) planned to travel to Canada this year (2023), Jennifer, MET’s English editor-in-chief who is a native Vancouverite, told us about a hot dog chain that she had been familiar with for many years — “JAPADOG“, a Japanese-style hotdog restaurant that operates both in Vancouver and in the United States. It has been featured in numerous media outlets for its uniqueness and has become so integrated into the everyday lives of the locals that all


If I hadn’t come to Japan, I would’ve been dead already.

日本語 Interviewed by Isao Tokuhashi Edited by Jennifer A. Hoff info@myeyestokyo.com   Samuel Aning (a.k.a NANA YAW POP) Actor/Businessperson One day in April this year (2023), we were invited to an offline gathering organized by a newly established English school in Yokohama. The main purpose of the event was for English conversation learners to enjoy communicating in English while enjoying delicious dishes. There were several foreign nationals and one of them was Samuel Aning from Ghana, known as “POP,” who has been active in the Japanese entertainment industry for many years. Our seats happened to be next to POP’s and


Revitalizing this country with Moringa is my way of giving back to Japan!

日本語 Interview by Isao Tokuhashi Edited by Jennifer A. Hoff info@myeyestokyo.com   Florsan Bolando Kondo (Philippines) Moringa Cultivator and Enthusiast Photo provided by Florsan Bolando Kondo The “Multicultural One Family Festival” was held in Tokyo on November 23 last year (2022). At the festival, where people of various backgrounds living in Japan gather to share their culture and traditions through shows and stalls, we met an interesting group of people. A group called “ATE Moringa” grows the “Moringa” plants in Yokoshiba-Hikari, Chiba Prefecture, about 70 kilometers from central Tokyo. It is a highly nutritious plant with origins in Northern India which