Happy Birthday to the countries!

Happy Hungary’s National Day!

Crowd cheers Hungarian troops in Budapest. *Photo from Wikipedia October 23 is Memorial day of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Also the day of the proclamation of the Third Hungarian Republic (1989). The day is celebrated with speeches and exhibitions. The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 or the Hungarian Uprising of 1956 was a nationwide revolt against the government of the Hungarian People’s Republic and its Soviet-imposed policies, lasting from October 23 until November 10, 1956. Though leaderless when it first began, it was the first major threat to Soviet control since the USSR’s forces drove Nazi Germany from its territory

Happy Birthday to the countries!

Happy Hungary’s State Foundation Day!

The Chain Bridge, the most famous Budapest bridge built in 1849. *Photo from Wikipedia August 20 is Saint Stephen’s Day – Hungary’s first king St. Stephen’s Day, also the day of the Foundation of Hungary and “the day of the new bread”. St. Stephen of Hungary (975 – 1038), as the first king of Hungary, led the country into the Christian church and established the institutions of the kingdom and the church. Following centuries of successive habitation by Celts, Romans, Huns, Slavs, Gepids (East Germanic tribe) and Avars (a group of Eurasian nomads), the foundation of Hungary was laid in


How can you guys be so polite and helpful? – Tell me, Japanese people! Vol.2

Produced by Isao TokuhashiEdited by Daniel PensoMail to: info@myeyestokyo.com   Haneda Airport, Tokyo Haneda Airport (羽田空港) is one of the two primary airports that serve the Greater Tokyo Area. It handled almost all domestic flights to and from Tokyo from 1978 to 2010, while Narita International Airport handled the vast majority of international flights. In 2010, a dedicated international terminal was opened at Haneda. The Japanese government is currently encouraging the use of Haneda for premium business routes and the use of Narita for leisure routes and by low-cost carriers. *Haneda Airport. (n.d.). In Wikipedia. Retrieved September 23, 2015, from