National Day

Happy Birthday to Greece!

The Parthenon at the acropolis of Athens at night. *Photo from Wikipedia March 25 is Revolution Day, celebrate


Happy Birthday to Namibia!

Children in Namibia. *Photo from Wikipedia March 21 is Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Namibi


Happy Birthday to Tunisia!

Tunis, the capital and the largest city of Tunisia. *Photo from Wikipedia March 20 is Independence Day, celebr


Happy Birthday to Mauritius!

Port-Louis, the Capital of Mauritius. *Photo from Wikipedia March 12 is National Day, celebrates the independe


Happy Birthday to Lithuania!

On January 13, 1991, Soviets began shooting and crushing with tanks unarmed independence supporters. *Photo fr


Happy Birthday to Ghana!

Traditional chiefs in Ghana in 2015. *Photo from Wikipedia March 6 is Independence Day, celebrates the indepen


Happy Birthday to Bulgaria!

Vitosha Boulevard, the main commercial street in the center of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. *Photo from Wik


Happy Birthday to Estonia!

Estonian folk dance group performing. *Photo from Wikipedia February 24 is Independence Day, celebrates the in


Happy Birthday to Brunei!

Bandar Seri Begawan (formerly known as Brunei Town), the capital city of Brunei. *Photo from Wikipedia Februar


Happy Birthday to Gambia!

Market in Serekunda, the largest city in The Gambia. *Photo from Wikipedia February 18 is Independence Day, ce


Happy Birthday to Kosovo!

Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. *Photo from Wikipedia February 17 is the day Kosovo declares independence as


Happy Birthday to Grenada!

An aerial photo of the capital St George’s. *Photo from Wikipedia February 7 is Grenada’s Independ


Happy Birthday to Sri Lanka!

Typical Sri Lankan dish of rice and prawns. *Photo from Wikipedia February 4 is Sri Lanka’s Independence


Happy Birthday to Nauru!

Aerial view of Nauru. *Photo from Wikipedia January 31 is Nauru’s Independence Day, celebrates independe


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