Tama Area


Also known as “Western Tokyo”, consists of the part of Tokyo Prefecture to the west of the 23 special wards.


Inokashira Park, Musashino/Mitaka

On May 1, 1918, it opened under the name Inokashira Onshi Koen (井の頭恩賜公園), which can be translated as, “Inokashira Imperial Grant Park”.

Taken by Yayoi Minowa

A squirrel taking the summer heat at Inokashira Park Zoo. *Taken by Nobuyuki Hayasaki

13124815_1055093827863135_1615422152390914915_nTaken by Yayoi Minowa


Yokota Air Base

A United States Air Force base in Western Tokyo. Among its facilities are the broadcast center for the American Forces Network Tokyo radio service and the headquarters of United States Forces Japan, etc.

People seeing what’s going on the arrival of Donald Trump, the current President of the United States, from a discount store adjacent to the base.
*Taken on November 5, 2017, by Ayumi Hirokawa


Kichijoji, Musashino

One of the most popular areas for younger people to spend their weekend. It has a youthful, artistic, slightly countercultural reputation.

Taken by Kiwako Agake


Jindai Botanical Garden, Chofu

The garden has 100,000 trees and shrubs representing approximately 4,500 varieties, each with an identifying label. Downhill from the garden is Jindaiji Temple, the second oldest Buddhist temple one in Tokyo.

Autumn Rose Festival is held until November 1, 2017. *Taken by Yuko Murayama


Showa Memorial Park, Tachikawa

Formerly a Japanese military airbase and in the postwar era operated by the US military, Tachikawa Airfield was returned to the Japanese government in 1977. Part of the airfield remains as a Japan Ground Self Defense Force base, and part of the airfield was used to establish the park in 1983.

Taken by Kiwako Agake

14938365_900081046793342_2739459606277895266_n14907570_900117486789698_2461728469374688469_n14925615_900124846788962_7851847701882078896_n14915135_900117526789694_5559409464703670356_nTaken by Kiwako Agake


Kiyose Sunflower Festival

Sunflowers are specially cultivated for the festival, and the space is opened to the public only during the event, which is held from August 19 until September 3, 2017.

Taken by Koyuki Matsumoto


Musashino Park, Fuchu/Koganei

The Nogawa River run through this park. On the weekend many people visit this park and enjoy barbecue.

Taken by Masao Shibata  



Located in the Mountains of far western Tokyo. A large portion of the town is covered by forests.

Hikawa Campsite  

Ogochi Dam
*Taken by Kenzo Tamukai

16711757_10155775206644307_6512199284327006268_n16684032_10155775206524307_1441494390274527515_n16708360_10155775206454307_4194584204481099111_n16603084_10155775206414307_5991813742587491524_nTaken at Mount Kumotori by Rena Omori  

16265331_10155699346964307_1694009626278356145_n16174857_10155699347154307_1102874139974734241_n16196007_10155699347219307_1796011856367013988_n16142824_10155699347264307_4995843269609657289_nTaken at Mount Kawanori by Rena Omori  

11287083_10153919184354307_1475134333_n11354865_10153919189649307_1720944976_n11356243_10153919177059307_1259799705_nTaken by Rena Omori  

12243132_10206566882064401_6246370058370527526_n 12247026_10206566882744418_7459476668263896409_n 12274619_10206566962266406_1014864773163387595_nAcorns, the nuts of the oaks and their close relatives
12239907_10206566881824395_9222942477265592462_nLake Okutama, an important source of drinking water for Tokyo. *Taken by Eriko Takeda  


Fuchu Air Base, Fuchu

A Japan Air Self-Defence Force (JASDF) base. JASDF started operating at the base in 1957, and it was also the first headquarters of U.S. Forces Japan from 1957 to 1974, when the headquarters moved to Yokota Air Base.

“Open Festa”, held to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Fuchu Air Base. *Taken by Masayuki Miyazaki  


Mt. Takao, Hachioji

A mountain located about 50 kilometers west of the center of Tokyo.

15823473_1298542046871407_2105034121986812104_nTaken by Kaneko Theingiwynn  

IMG_3345IMG_3342Changing leaves and a torii, a gate found at the entrance of or within a Shinto shrine.

IMG_3341Many ¥5 coins tied with red strings. The Japanese for “five yen,” go en (五円) is a homophone with go-en (御縁), “en” being a word for causal connection or relationship, and “go” being a respectful prefix.

IMG_3347Takao-san Yakuo-in Temple *Taken by Sarah Nishina  


Mt. Mitake, Ome

It stands 929 m (3,048 ft) tall. The trip from Shinjuku Station to Mitake Station on the JR Ome Line takes about 95 minutes.

15032198_909498059184974_7595130017448372724_n 14980745_909498052518308_328972076163187117_nTaken by Kiwako Agake


Tanashi Shrine, Tanashi

Founded during Kamakura Period (13th Century).

14192519_1496763753697776_8914917843140159888_nSuperhero team called “Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger” welcome you! *Taken by Yoko Kikuchi


Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum, Koganei

A museum of historic Japanese buildings.

13393916_10208466532393631_254176831184750874_n13346642_10208466535633712_517645560316825472_n13310623_10208466535193701_1353556317483224789_n13315422_10208466537393756_7206308077795824499_nKamishibai (紙芝居, literally “paper play”), a form of Japanese street theatre and storytelling that was popular during the Depression of the 1930s and the post-war period in Japan.
*Taken by Masayuki Miyazaki


Jindaiji Temple, Chofu

A Buddhist temple of Tendai sect. Founded in 733.

13133263_877957638998460_4188399342102719396_n11220813_877956968998527_2345414370847311159_n13055327_877957762331781_5648499068677695939_n13076872_877991828995041_8532775490010765461_n13082598_877957722331785_2516898871144149286_nTaken by Sazuka Yamaguchi



A city located in the western portion of Tokyo Metropolis.

11959999_767581923379112_4440232199335825744_n 12985590_767581903379114_1429721448691186915_nTaken by Ayumi Hirokawa