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日本人への素朴な質問 朝活・夜活編

SEKAI CAFE, Asakusa, Tokyo



An American living in Tokyo

IMG_2905Question; What is the funniest English word or phrase you know?


Tourist from the United States

IMG_2914Question; Why do you want to learn English?



Havana Cafe, Roppongi, Tokyo



Tourist from the United Kingdom

IMG_3012Question; Do you have a favourite type of Western cuisine?


Girl from the Philippines

She’s been in Japan to take business training at headquarters of the worldwide Japanese fashion brand.
夜活2Question; Which Japanese cuisine sums up Japan culture?


Foreign student from the United States/Singapore

He was born in the US and had been in Singapore for a long time.
夜活3Question; What childhood games do you remember playing?


… Who wants to be the next questioner?


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