The modern woman in Tokyo – perfectly balancing between family and dream career!


Alexandra Ruseva

I will never forget the day I learned that I was expecting twins. After the great joy, I immediately started thinking how to tell my employer. I came in town recently and I had worked for one of the biggest banks for the last year and a half. My job was mainly with clients, often leaving the office late at night. The moment I realized that twins were coming, I realized that I would not be able to return to the office soon, at least not in the next few years.

I was only 23 and could not accept that at such a young age my career was over. As I was expecting my babies, I began to explore the possibility of changing my profession with a more flexible one – one that allows me to work flexible working hours and flexible workplaces. Not long after, I found it – digital marketing.

I started attending various full-day and evening practical training and courses, as I had a degree in Finance and had no previous experience with digital marketing and social media marketing, except for the personal blog I was running at the time, which was gaining popularity among women and young mothers. Soon after, I felt confident enough and started offering my services to small businesses – I was involved in maintaining Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. I loved my new job because it kept my mind awake, distracting me from the routine of motherhood without taking too long, as my primary concern was still my young children. Six years later, I have my own boutique advertising agency, leading a team of several people and helping global brands such as P&G position their businesses on social networks and in the digital environment.

Why do I believe that my experience will be useful to women in Tokyo?

Honestly, because I understand them. I know what it is like to be torn between your most important role – that of a spouse and mother, and the desire to develop personally and professionally. I’ve come a long way all by myself and I know they don’t need to make that choice – they can have both!

Being a digital marketer gives you the unique advantage of working whenever you want, wherever you want. You can create social media posts late at night and schedule them to post automatically or set up ad campaigns from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the Internet. You can control your workload yourself by taking on more customers if you need more income or by reducing your commitments if you expect to be needed by your family. After so many years in business, I have not encountered another profession that can be started so quickly without spending years in University, only with the help of appropriate practical training that will allow women to be so flexible in their working hours and the workload they take on.

At the same time, the modern digital marketer is evolving with the speed of development of a very dynamic digital environment. Don’t get me wrong – work is enjoyable but requires complete dedication, especially in the beginning. What I can promise is that it’s worth it! In 2020, I want to inspire as many Japanese women as possible to start their own businesses and projects so that they can be independent during pregnancy and maternity and feel fully part of society. Anyone who finds digital marketing and social networking their passion I will be happy to help with practical advice and training so they can launch their dream careers quickly and confidently – just like I did years ago! It’s not easy, but with the right attitude and someone to support you along the way, totally achievable!



Alexandra Ruseva

Female entrepreneur running a digital agency in Europe, helping businesses and start-ups with digital and social media marketing. Wife and mother of twins, passionate tennis player and healthy eater.
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