Home to some of Tokyo’s finest cultural sites, including the Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum of Western Art, and the National Museum of Nature and Science, as well as a major public concert hall.


Yokoyama Taikan Memorial Hall

Located in the former residence of Nihonga (日本画, Japanese-style paintings) artist Yokoyama Taikan, overlooking Shinobazu Pond within Ueno Park. Yokoyama Taikan was a major figure in pre-World War II Japanese painting. He is notable for helping create the Japanese painting technique of Nihonga.

Taken by Miwako Dias


Ueno Zoo

Located in Ueno Park. It is Japan’s oldest zoo, opening on March 20, 1882. The Ueno Zoo Monorail, the first monorail in the country, connects the eastern and western parts of the grounds. 

Taken by Yuki Kondo



One of the facilities of the Tokyo National Museum, which was built in honor of the wedding of the Taisho crown prince. The name of the building means “to express congratulations (表慶).” It has been designated an Important Cultural Property as a representative example of Western style architecture of the late Meiji period.

Taken by Kiwako Agake


Ueno Park

A spacious public park in the Ueno district of Taito-ku. It is also celebrated in spring for its cherry blossoms.

Taken by Eriko Shiomi

18119151_10208659550262385_5790359067463783970_nTaken by Takashi Goto

17522918_959321450869590_6661423953553814705_nTaken by Fumiko Nozawa

17362609_1257241567679069_5336231930148490194_n17426364_1259162734153619_1977155468848304365_nCherry blossoms have started to bloom! *Taken by K2-Style  

16265807_1204584889611404_2295067757266320517_n16195506_1204584886278071_6072332338013541670_nEarly-blooming white blossoms called “Kanzakura” (寒桜). *Taken by K2-Style  

15027967_1134453896624504_2548545781053886566_nTaken by K2-Style  

14910311_1124061674330393_4352369136747824214_n14915235_1124061747663719_8219585148082291652_n14947404_1124061617663732_7464017641440795736_nTaken by K2-Style  

IMG_8196Taken by Isao Tokuhashi  

13516713_1015574871845741_8836933155555838041_nPeople seeing the movie “Jaws” at Machikado Eiga Kai (Lit. Street Film Party) *Taken by K2-Style  

13494982_1012156768854218_8214316076716961996_nHydrangeas near Shinobazu Pond *Taken by K2-Style  

13254567_995273743875854_699687890843915055_nLotus leaves at Shinobazu Pond *Taken by K2-Style  

12801400_944691755600720_342482808101120684_nUeno Kids’ Playland *Taken by K2-Style  

IMG_3455Taken by Sarah Nishina

10339760_883332815069948_6453170422852776807_n12046762_883332738403289_6469264069746382110_n“Heaven Artists”, who are certified by Tokyo Government and qualified to perform at public facilities in Tokyo. *Taken by K2-Style

12107123_877707802299116_5155540276294737563_nGreat Fountain and Tokyo National Museum *Taken by K2-Style

12002187_868936663176230_7528226336617432071_nApproach to 2 shrines, Gojoten Jinja Shrine and Hanazono Inari Jinja Shrine *Taken by K2-Style

10937827_10204765972323674_97002586_n10951098_10204765972563680_1470144371_nWinter cherry blossoms *Taken by Hidetoshi Toyoshima

1458546_10152301368851132_7453799420374463337_nStatue of Saigo Takamori walking his dog *Taken by Yasuaki Shikuri  


Ueno Station

The traditional terminus for long-distance trains from northern Japan, although with the extension of the Shinkansen lines to Tokyo Station this role has diminished in recent years. Opened in 1883.

18486350_1315734438496448_2100301527864093033_n18556095_1315734291829796_8650393003986927024_n18486336_1315734325163126_1963086287886181128_nTaken by K2-Style  

15420932_10211322971531789_4791939560886912723_n 15380300_10211322971571790_984639334918265726_nTaken by Yuki Kondo

10440268_388998561280268_162969240146337643_nNorth-bound limited express train called “Fresh Hitachi”. *Taken by Haruko Nishimura

IMG_8583IMG_1177Taken by Isao Tokuhashi  


Tokyo Suki Festival

A meeting place for art, and communicates Japanese culture to the world. “Suki (数奇)” means “strange”. Held on October 21 – 23, 2016 in Ueno Park.

14590228_1485095301531288_6631824369249323205_n14724385_1485095034864648_2465954637399885882_n14732178_1485094994864652_3049209387075934540_n14717217_1485095154864636_7579209607751007473_n“teamLab Ball”; The color of light changes and generates sound when you touch the illuminated balls along the way.
*Taken by Yoko Kikuchi



An open-air market located next to Ueno Station. It is commonly referred to simply as “Ameyoko”. The market is home to over 180 shops, which sell products ranging from fresh food and fish to clothing and timepieces.

13537726_1200794909965789_5045435412841787919_nTaken by Mayu Takeda  


Ueno Korea Town

It’s called “Kimuchi Yokocho (Alley)” at southeast of Ueno Station.

13307474_999138973489331_8710474180314064335_n13335947_999138970155998_465433594081660909_n13331012_999138990155996_4176739183508599785_n13321913_999138960155999_2141387363475661356_nTaken by K2-Style  


Downtown Ueno

11535850_10204254714867591_2318260491569185999_nTaken by Sosen Imai