A district in Taito-ku, Tokyo. It’s famous for the Senso-ji Temple and Asakusa Jinja Shrine. There are several other temples and shrines in Asakusa, as well as various festivals. Also Asakusa is famous for its annual Brazilian style Carnival.


Hagoita Fair

A popular annual event in Asakusa that is held as the year nears its end. Tens of venders gather at Sensoji Temple to sell a variety of colorful hagoita (羽子板, wooden paddles), from ornamental ones to those for children to play with. The fair was held from December 17 until December 19, 2017.

Taken by Yayoi Minowa  


Edo Konjaku Monogatari

Literally “Edo Tales of the Past”, a cosplay event which features Japanese clothing.

Nov 19, 2017

Nov 4, 2017

Taken by Masayuki Miyazaki  


Samurai vs Ninja battle

Part of “Samurai & Ninja Safari” tour organized by JTB.
*The tour report by MET: See!

Taken by Isao Tokuhashi


Dempoin Street

A small street near the Senso-ji temple. There are some small shops selling souvenirs and snacks.

Taken by Isao Tokuhashi


Senso-ji Temple

An ancient Buddhist temple located in Asakusa, Tokyo. It is Tokyo’s oldest temple, and one of its most significant.

Hozuki Ichi (Ground Cherry Pod Fair) was held on July 9 & 10. *Taken by Yayoi Minowa  

The Kaminarimon Gate will be under construction until the end of October 2017. *Taken by Yoko Kawakami  

17022445_10155175931082932_7459661151747735965_n 17155176_10155049811847173_6198903540645792820_nVisitors burn incense (osenko) in large incense burners. They fan some smoke towards themselves as the smoke is believed to have healing power. *Taken by Tijana Zdravkovic  

15800945_1287262864664194_187346067_nTaken by Candy Javier Sakai  

strug-temple14910440_10209790192844108_5251834841407008882_nStreet Rugby at temple! *Provided by Street Rugby

13615512_10154318000972640_8235631454884319382_n 13615261_10154318000977640_273925614838764250_nHozuki-Ichi, Ground Cherry Pod Fair, held on July 9 & 10, 2016. There is a belief that a prayer offered on July 10 is equivalent to praying 46,000 days, and thus many people have visited the temple on this day since the olden times. *Taken by Ayami Ito  

12961659_969734316429797_5413509773266670107_n12936669_969734313096464_6826305235452078912_nHanamatsuri, which refers to the memorial service performed at temples throughout Japan to celebrate the birth of Buddha on April 8th. *Taken by K2-Style  

12801236_1122681194443828_3778397568888164836_nSpring has come! *Taken by Mayu Takeda  

12115926_877719072297989_5218741526049788950_n12096478_876221525781077_801576552491988853_n (1)   11053121_839668576103039_4434751874263397818_nHozuki-Ichi (Ground Cherry Pod Fair)
*Taken by K2-Style

10348303_884685521588599_1528078968933331281_nTaken by Candy Sakai‎  

11182176_818905754856551_32384555259547534_nTaken by Yuta Nakajima  

11071419_785025784900652_3606780464255925305_n 10690041_785025814900649_5691507155716606134_nTaken by K2-Style  

10403340_10153068029980910_2685766524571012333_nTaken by Tsuyoshi CwK

11017537_769290609828011_822288952182063494_nTaken by Megumi Honzawa  

10978598_769163339820230_1841833054566207367_nTaken by K2-Style  

559654_164375077034869_1740086639_n384325_164368630368847_2021331215_n47940_164365697035807_1147806991_n5-story Pagoda, Nakamise Avenue, Kaminarimon giant lantern *Taken by Risa Kobayashi  

IMG_9088Kaminarimon Gate *Taken by Isao Tokuhashi

10868225_10205358148860838_1163169122754114868_nThere’s a small garden in the temple. The stream can be found there” *Taken by Bas Martens  

10917496_647227858716734_520785630_n 10934520_647227868716733_517241109_n 10928120_647227865383400_327741568_n 10893811_647227855383401_619282026_nTaken by Masanori Tsuchibuchi

10906225_10205299362831224_4415974887212764361_nA five-story pagoda and Tokyo Skytree, taken by Bas Martens  


Downtown Asakusa

IMG_8978IMG_8995IMG_8996Taken by Isao Tokuhashi  

17630138_10155057327226132_6650639498578993990_nTaken by Yasuaki Shikuri  

img_8235Taken by Isao Tokuhashi  

14233010_10154396458848617_4587672718252315146_nTaken by Jelena Jeremic  

13782225_1036089896460905_2162556110890866927_nTaken by K2-Style  

6594_10208494821151058_9028940199934558365_nTaken by Daisuke Ikenaga  

1919167_681165448653309_997028103346306800_nView from “Marugoto Nippon”, which presents the charms of all areas of Japan through select local cuisines and uniquely local daily articles. *Taken by Ayako Tanaka  

IMG_2390Taken by Isao Tokuhashi  

11666175_838605779542652_253342850625396383_n11707739_838606472875916_8389790688369089111_nAsakusa Tanabata Festival *Taken by K2-Style  

11069894_816817448388152_2311113706234348575_nTaken by K2-Style  

IMG_1991 IMG_1990 IMG_2012Taken by Isao Tokuhashi

IMG_1964IMG_1967Volunteer tour guides of the organization called “Piece of Cake”. *Taken by Isao Tokuhashi
*Report of their activity in Asakusa: See (in Japanese)

11017047_938352079543157_1315704523699867617_n1979897_938352122876486_7024454771158416073_nTaken by Masaomi Takahashi

10320554_769163323153565_7871924203370297437_n 10896994_769163273153570_1018619728852860351_nTaken by K2-Style  

577301_164372903701753_1339644587_nTaken by Risa Kobayashi  


15253622_439582339763090_4354392649806328244_n-1Retro mom-and-pop candy store which sells rice crackers, fried or dried beans, sugar-coated biscuits and so on.
*Taken by Masao Shibata



An amusement park in Asakusa that has operated since 1853. It is claimed to be the oldest amusement park in Japan.

15171038_10100186308802995_3163652022465592391_n15170968_10100186308708185_2082176628249333085_n15135768_10100186308753095_5231387069629571561_nTaken by Hugo Fukuda

IMG_1992IMG_2005Taken by Isao Tokuhashi

576258_164368503702193_962513476_nTaken by Risa Kobayashi


Tobu Asakusa Station

The Tobu Railway terminal is a surface station, which occupies a portion of the Matsuya Department Store. The station is used by local and limited express trains.

946170_811014425671409_8514438147509692878_n 12400832_811014445671407_6069931145563908841_nTobu Railway and Taiwan Railways signed a ticket exchange agreement on Dec 19, 2015. This exchange will continue until Dec 18, 2016. *Taken by Masanori Tsuchibuchi



A type of Japanese communal bath house where customers pay for entrance.

11214711_1000190453337290_4784928903140568858_n1927703_1000190463337289_3937145698732160342_n1236214_1000192713337064_7823710627352849152_n7499_1000191190003883_3631955540268858991_nAkebono-yu, located near Senso-ji Temple *Taken by Hiromi Suzuki  


Imado Jinja Shrine

A shrine located in a neighborhood where north part of Asakusa. It is one of the Shichi-fuku-jin (七福神, Seven Lucky Gods) shrines of Asakusa.

1915623_1006166156073053_1093436883664129552_nSo many “ema” boards (絵馬) and a rickshaw. Ema are small wooden plaques on which Shinto worshippers write their prayers or wishes. Those are then left hanging up at the shrine, where the kami (spirits or gods) receive them. *Taken by Hiromi Suzuki  


Kappabashi Kitchen Town

A street between Ueno and Asakusa which is almost entirely populated with shops supplying the restaurant trade.

IMG_2679IMG_2677IMG_2680image1Extraordinary signs! *Taken by Sarah Nishina