What should you NOT do in Japan? – Tell me, Japanese people! Vol.17

Questions from tourists

Produced by Isao Tokuhashi
Edited by Alisa Sanada
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Taken by Masaomi Takahashi

A major commercial and administrative center, housing the busiest railway station in the world and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, the administration center for the government of Tokyo.
*Shinjuku. (n.d.). In Wikipedia. Retrieved December 19, 2017, from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shinjuku



Woman from Mexico

I’m from Mexico City, but now I’m living in Dresden, Germany, with my German husband. Actually I came here with him, but he came to Japan on business so I’m alone on holidays.

This is my first visit to Japan and today is my last day here. I’ve been only in Tokyo for 11 days and have been to a lot of places, such as Meiji Jingu Shrine, Yoyogi Park and Golden Gai. I’m going to eat something and then I’ll go to the Samurai Museum near here.

Tokyo is amazing. I like people here. Men in Tokyo are so handsome.

Question: Do you like Mexican food?


Family from UK

We came here from London for sightseeing. Coming to Japan has been our long dream, especially sushi, sake and whisky. We’ve dreamed to come here for 10 years. This is our first trip to Japan and today is our second day. We have 2 weeks in Japan, so we’ll go to Tokyo, Hiroshima, Kyoto and then back to Tokyo.

I (Man) love all the traditions and technologies. Japanese people are very respectful and polite. Everything is perfect and works well. I was surprised at Japanese toilets. Also everything is very clean. It’s good for babies.

Their beloved baby daughter, Lily-chan!

Question: Can you recommend a ramen restaurant?


Men from Australia

We are from Sydney and Newcastle. We work for a Japanese automobile company in Australia. This is the first trip for the two of us and the second trip for others. We came to Japan on business and visited factories here.

Two of us went to Kyoto, Hiroshima and Miyajima Island last time. This time, we went to the 5th Station of Mt. Fuji yesterday. Also we watched the rugby match between Australia and Japan. We’ve been here for a week and will go back home tonight.

Japanese are very friendly and kind. Japan is very clean. They have the good train systems. We love Japanese food. Drinks [like Asahi] are cheap here.

Question: Why do some people wear face masks?


Men from New Zealand

Man pictured right: He (*in the middle of the picture above) has joined the All Japan Kyokushin Karate tournament held at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. It was the open-weight one and finished yesterday. He is a shodan (beginning black belt rank) in karate. It should be a good experience for him for the next year.

Man pictured in the middle: I’ve learned karate for 14 years. I got interested in it for no particular reason.

Man pictured right: I’m living in Tokyo and working as his Tokyo coach. I came to Japan for karate, too.

(Q. Where do you want to go in Japan?) 

Man pictured right: Lunch. And we want some shoes. He has big feet and Marui Men’s has the big shoes.

Actually they did not go sightseeing here because these two guys stay in Tokyo only for six days.

Man pictured in the middle: But this is my forth trip to Japan, so that’s enough.

“No questions!”


Women from Switzerland

We’re from Zurich. Our parents are from the Philippines. This is our first trip to Japan and we’ll only be in Tokyo for nine days.

We’ve been big fans of Japanese anime, manga and fashion. Our favorite anime are “Tokyo Ghoul” and “Naruto”. Asians in Switzerland watch Naruto, which is broadcast in German. It has English subtitles, too.

We’ve not been to anime towns such as Akihabara yet because we’ve just arrived here and we are looking for the hotel where we’re supposed to stay. We got lost…

We were surprised at huge buildings in Tokyo. Japanese architecture are so impressive. We want to try real Japanese food.

Where is the “Robot Restaurant”? And where can we drive the Mario Karts?

Question: What should you NOT do in Japan?


Couple from France

We’re from Paris and this is our fourth trip to Japan. We visit Japan often because my (husband’s) nephew married a Japanese woman. They are living in Paris, but we had a strong tie with this country. I came here for the first time at age 20 with other tour participants because I was interested in Japanese culture and people. Actually I tried to learn Japanese but I gave up because it was really difficult for me.

I (husband) like temples in Japan. It’s very clean and people are so disciplined and very polite. In one word, I like Japanese peaceful atmosphere. On the other hand, transportations are more expensive in Tokyo than in Paris.

We’ll be in Japan for 11 days and we’ve been in Tokyo for one week so far. So we’re a bit tired. We’ll go to Takayama tomorrow. We’ll stay only in Tokyo and Takayama this time, but we’ve already been to Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and Miyajima Island before. We are planning to visit Fukuoka next April.

I (husband) like ramen and something looks like croissant and it contains meat and vegetables – I forgot the name of it (Gyoza!)

1. Is it true that couples in Japan have few children?
2. Is it true that immigration to Japan is difficult?


Thank you very much for your cooperation!

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*Interviews by Daichi Kitazume, Mafudi Kaneda, Nobuaki Koseki, Takao Oshima, Yoshiyuki Sakabe
*Photos by Tomomi Tada
*Special thanks to Eikaiwa Begin


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