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Interviewed by Chinatsu Suzuki
Written by Isao Tokuhashi
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Indian restaurant (Chuo-ku, Chiba)

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There are many Indian/Nepali restaurants in the Tokyo area. Restaurants run by Nepalis are even in a place far from the heart of Tokyo.

Now we introduce you to one of them, an Indian eatery called “Delhi Durbaar”, which is managed by Nepali brothers. They serve a menu de jour, many kinds of curry served at five different levels of spice, many single items and combination meals. The choices are endless.

This restaurant is kind of new but local people are getting turned on by their wonderful food and friendly smiles.

*Interview with Dilnath Sapkota, restaurant chef
*Edited by Daniel Penso


When did this restaurant open?

A year and a half ago. My boss started this restaurant in June 2008 in order to create a job opportunity for my younger brother. He came here before I came to Japan. My Nepali boss is living in Tokyo now.



How did you meet your boss?

He is actually my older sister’s husband. He has three restaurants in Japan. A restaurant in Chiba and two other restaurants are in Nagoya, 200 miles (370 km) away from Tokyo. There are many Nepalis in that region, too.


What are you doing at this restaurant?

I’m a chef. I have some cooking experience in India, UK and Ireland. (Click here and take a look at his story) But only two of us are the staff so actually we have to do everything. We have no shop holiday so we take off by rotation.

My younger brother also cooks sometimes because he also has much cooking experience in Nepal and India.

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Where do you get ingredients?

We import spices from India. On the other hand, we outfit garlic, ginger, chicken and vegetables here in Japan. We get even wheat flour for naan at a cash-and-carry wholesaler near here.

IMGP2649.JPG.jpeg They sell reasonable lunch boxes.


Are your customers mainly Japanese?

99% of our customers are Japanese. Many local people and some office workers come here. This restaurant is in a residential area and a business area is near here.

After I came here, I talked to customers every day. They were like my language teachers. I want to learn the Japanese language more but there is no school around here. So I often ask customers to teach me the language and some of them actually give me lessons. I really appreciate their kindness.


A taste of dishes is the same as your home’s one?

Almost. We can’t put many spices from back home because they are expensive. But we put more spices in curry here because we like it. We want to serve our favorite taste to customers. Fortunately they love our meals.

Sapkota Brothers welcome you with gentle smiles.


Delhi Durbaar *Closed

2-7-19 Nagasu, Chuo-ku, Chiba
(The nearest station: JR Hon-chiba Station)
Phone:(From overseas) +81-43-224-4802
(In Japan) 043-224-4802

Opening hour: 11AM – 3PM/5PM – 11PM
*No shop Holiday.

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