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Written by Isao Tokuhashi
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Japanese & Costa Rican restaurant (Kamata, Ota-ku)

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We introduces you to the only restaurant in Japan in which you can enjoy both Japanese and Costa Rican food at one time. It’s called “Futaba” which is on a alleyway behind a main street. A Japanese chef and his Costa Rican wife run their small eatery here.

This restaurant was established by the chef’s grandfather in 1952. It had been cooking only Japanese cuisine for a long time and the chef’s wife started to serve her taste of home around 2001. Her dishes won great popularity and many kinds of media visited there for coverage out of novelty.

However it is still a small restaurant. Local people love a restaurant that hasn’t changed for 60 years. Customers enjoy chatting with the friendly chef and his cheerful wife as they have tempura and quesadilla.

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(Left) Gallo pinto: Prototypical traditional dish of Costa Rica cuisine. Its most basic is composed of pre-cooked rice and beans fried together with spices.
(Right) Tortilla frita: Chicken or tuna, lettuce and cheese are put inside of fried tortilla.

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(Left) Soft tacos
(Right) Quesadilla: A snack food made of cheese (and occasionally other ingredients)
on a folded tortilla and cooked until the cheese melts.



2-3-11 Minami-kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo

Phone: (from overseas) +81-3-3731-5846
(In Japan) 03-3731-5846

Opening hour: 11:30AM – 2PM/5:30PM – 10PM
*Shop holiday: Sundays


*Edited by Daniel Penso