Shitamachi (Eastern Tokyo)


Ryogoku Kokugikan (Sumo Hall), Sumida-ku

It opened in 1985 and has a capacity of 11,098 people. It will host the boxing competition at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Taken at 2018 Hatsu Basho (Opening Tournament) by Yoko Kawakami  

15977724_655973624608070_5232352444300902975_n 16114625_655973801274719_2939550848956630886_nTaken by Yoko Kawakami  

14339321_1171421852880815_238061273_o14285406_1171421769547490_1101075006_o14315974_1171421996214134_877139569_oOpening ceremony of the September Grand Sumo Tournament *Taken by Hiromi Suzuki  

8970_10205229145904893_7043015039820078033_nSumo wrestlers! *Taken by Elizabeth Ishiyama  



A limited-express airport train service between Ueno and Narita Airport.

Kaiungo (開運号), a limited express for worshippers to Naritasan Shinshoji Temple. “Kaiun (開運)” means “Better fortune”. Also its front is decorated by kabuki makeup (kumadori, 隈取) because kabuki actors of the Ichikawa family have had a deep relationship with Shinshoji Temple since 17th century. *Taken at Nippori Station, Arakawa-ku, by Masayuki Shimamoto  


Sumida Street Jazz Festival 2017

Weekend jazz summit held near the major railway stations in Sumida-ku.

Near Kinshicho Station  

In Kinshi Park located near Kinshicho Station
*Taken by Masao Shibata


Asakusabashi, Taito-ku

Taken by Yuta Nakajima  

12741890_826026747503510_8879874656918231778_n10646611_826026794170172_1361983452253334059_n10676315_826026757503509_1320807189138865783_n535087_826027277503457_6635458866568811816_nHouseboats (yakatabune, 屋形船) taking a rest. *Taken by Masanori Tsuchibuchi  


Shibamata, Katsushika-ku

Temple town of Shibamata Taishakuten, a Buddhist temple founded in 1629.

Yamamoto-tei, a wooden house build in early 20th Century. It’s been opened to the public since 1991. *Taken by Nazuki Yoshida  

16939194_10211664274898334_1735491865723604074_n16939657_10211664268418172_7003096393538408904_n16996395_10211664278498424_935837796947697642_n16996290_10211664279018437_1073757676560315194_n16938599_10211664272738280_7183138397089711859_nTaken by Sarah Nishina  

10361266_791594600930945_5116373339818441303_nTaken by Shigeki Kakutani 1907762_791594624264276_5915239232639080594_nTaken by Megumi Honzawa 10958146_640695239390346_721267479_n10962093_640695226057014_38181670_n10957626_640695252723678_163553668_nTaken by Megumi Jojima  


Kameido Tenjin Shrine, Koto-ku

Built in 1646. It’s associated with Sugawara no Michizane, the 9th century scholar, poet and politician.

18119285_1833138463615301_7604404581174771205_n18056778_1833138413615306_7519661659002692286_n18057643_1833138416948639_4035634062004174611_n18056671_1833138420281972_5520378575883141132_nWisteria Festival 2017 *Taken by Yoko Shimada  

13015480_10153676742524514_8992504268596149275_n13043272_10153676742609514_4545432334279247115_nWisteria Festival 2016 *Taken by Alice Chiang  


Ushijima Shrine, Sumida-ku

Located in Mukojima District. It hosts the three *kami; Susano-o (スサノオ), Amenohohi (アメノホヒ) and Sadatoki-shinno (貞辰親王).
*Kami: The spirits or phenomena that are worshipped in the religion of Shinto.

14657357_1109090259160868_2442956100927234807_nShrine is his stage! *Taken by K-2 Style  

12998486_974455239291038_749774425523916337_n13010764_974455515957677_3195115570102989559_n12963856_974455632624332_3203463688574173425_nMonokoto-ichi (Flea market) *Taken by K2-Style  


Sumida River

A river which runs through Tokyo for 27 kilometers, under 26 bridges spaced at about one bridge per kilometer.

14708389_1102806586455902_3632339291220010852_nTaken by K-2 Style  

img_8284img_8288img_8295Taken by Isao Tokuhashi
Tea ceremony, taiko, samurai sword, rakugo… the event called “Garakujin” demonstrates Japanese culture in a creative and unique way.

13906644_10206653829523958_6017491873273932809_nAzumabashi Bridge  

13901349_10206653785682862_147751732179779733_nKomagatabashi Bridge
*Taken by Sosen Imai

写真写真 (1)Taken by Isao Tokuhashi  

11149234_10204957769076677_6089406736712633308_nTaken by Isao Tokuhashi  

12191025_1040226855997711_8927104344317926450_n12074573_1040226942664369_8830599913031446626_nKachidoki Bridge, a double-leaf bascule bridge, where both sides were lifted up about 70 degrees and opened its center. However it hasn’t opened since 1970. 12191585_1040226889331041_2435579425991018680_n12191585_1040227085997688_5603419102614912569_nTaken by Kyoko Yasuda

11896170_10153652030868478_2235697791122662355_nTaken by Adrian Ringin

sumidagawa azumabashiView from Azumabashi Bridge, which is linking Asakusa and Sumida-ku Area *Taken by Isao Tokuhashi

IMG_1091Taken from Kuramae Bridge, by Isao Tokuhashi

10896955_996831833666687_6365684668263023530_nTaken by Koyuki Matsumoto  


Japanese matsuri participant in Asakusa

13177963_1087824181274731_3498091230882234699_nTaken by Candy Sakai  


Yanaka, Taito-ku

One of the few districts in Tokyo where an old town ambience reminiscent of Tokyo from past decades still survives.

947336_1135281436517137_831444708775355333_nTaken by Mayu Takeda  

KIMG1218Taken by ICT, The International Center in Tokyo

10393701_668905936548926_8378166543946163106_n11001937_668906013215585_6976343119355355686_nKayaba Coffee, a cafe opened in 1938. *Taken by Masanori Tsuchibuchi  


Koto Entertainment Cruise

You can enjoy live samurai performances while on board!

12661973_1222590784469486_1213115839929048682_n12631543_1222591017802796_2197233578597994409_n12670130_1222590757802822_9182068294482458336_nTaken by Hiroyuki Atsumi  



12507573_10207926198728766_1705200266958852218_n12565371_10207926198808768_9102734550078527367_n12509318_10207926199208778_2915961885507813328_nTaken by Sarah Nishina


Takasago-beya, Sumida-ku

One of the stables of sumo wrestlers in Tokyo. It has produced many successful wrestlers, including six yokozuna and American wrestler Konishiki.

10409359_10153835023787640_99709325495870009_n (1)10620759_10153835023327640_1687736834456257254_nWrestlers pounding mochi (rice cake)! *Taken by Ayami Ito


Tobu Skytree Line

A Japanese railway line extending from Asakusa Station in Tokyo to Tobu-Dobutsu-Koen Station in Saitama Prefecture.

12191628_10204922004106067_2821393280189533408_nTrain going across Arakawa River *Taken by Takashi Goto  


Ryogoku Station, Sumida-ku

A railway station operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) and Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation (Toei). IMG_3157IMG_3153IMG_3154Sumo wrestlers’ handprintsIMG_3159Taken by Isao Tokuhashi 10966603_767615339991942_693548686_nA huge ornamental doll set for Hinamatsuri, which is also called Doll’s Day or Girls’ Day (March 3) *Taken by Hiroyuki Hayashi  


Kinshicho, Sumida-ku

One of largest shopping areas of Sumida Ward, featuring several large department stores, numerous small shops and restaurants.

11951280_863215090415054_2160331219815135025_nThe live show of Kawachi Ondo, a kind of Japanese folk song that originates from Osaka Prefecture. Sometimes modern instruments are used in the Kawachi Ondo ensemble, such as electric guitars and electric basses. *Taken by K-2 Style

10978626_914387108606321_9076441513019198508_nSumo Bus *Taken by Masaomi Takahashi IMG_0554Taken by Isao Tokuhashi  


Photo taken from Nippori-Toneri Liner

Nippori-Toneri Liner is an automated guideway transit (AGT) system between Nippori Station in Arakawa-ku and Minumadai-shinsuikoen Station in Adachi-ku, Tokyo. The line opened on March 30, 2008.

11896058_10204573944328128_7415570774635516985_nTaken by Sosen Imai  


Opening Day of the 1st store of Blue Bottle Coffee Japan (BBCJ)

Blue Bottle Coffee’s memorable 1st store in Japan (and even outside the US!) opened near Kiyosumi Garden in Koto-ku on Feb 6, 2015. According to BBCJ, Image of Blue Bottle Coffee suits the calm atmosphere of the area.

11004490_10153128985617640_2001190311_nTaken by Ayami Ito  


Kyojima, Sumida-ku

Sumida-ku is a special ward located in Tokyo Metropolis, located in the northeastern part of the mainland portion of Tokyo.

1975059_10152632491281669_6599575016946437900_nShopping street called “Kira Kira Tachibana Shotengai” *Taken by Noemi Inoue

10913154_10204680421904967_904296686_nTaken by Hidetoshi Toyoshima  


Senju, Adachi-ku

Adachi-ku is located north of the heart of Tokyo.

10950093_10204806711462127_1775619809_n10947527_10204806711502128_438804125_nA car abandoned in front of a house. Some pots have already been placed on its roof (Not sure who did it), but a car itself looks like a huge plant pot! *Taken by Hidetoshi Toyoshima  


Tokyo Budokan (indoor arena)

Located in Ayase, Adachi-ku, Tokyo. Built in 1989.

1690625_10205311376371555_5407158066119916526_nTaken by Bas Martens  


Nanakura Inari Shrine, Taito-ku

10923399_10205342164101229_7507972622681867303_nTaken by Bas Martens