Do you get bored of cold weather? – Tell me, Japanese people! Vol.18

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*Photo provided by SHIBUYA HOTEL EN

The hotel is a 7-minute walk from Shibuya station and its JR, Tokyu, Keio, and Tokyo Metro lines. From the outside, it looks very western, but inside each floor is decorated to showcase both traditional and modern Japan. Many visitors from around the world have chosen this hotel for their travels around Tokyo. *See this page for more details.

*Photos provided by SHIBUYA HOTEL EN



Man from UK

I’m from Cardiff in Wales. This is my first trip to Japan. I came here with my co-workers and we’ll be in Japan for a week. We’re on business, but we are going to do tourist things at the same time. We want to go to places which less tourist-y and more popular amongst Japanese people, to experience more of their culture.

We arrived in Tokyo this morning, but have already been amazed by Japan. We flew over with one of the major Japanese airlines and they were absolutely amazing. Their food on the flight was incredible and their service was awesome.

We booked this hotel through our company. We wanted a hotel located somewhere that was central and non-smoking. That is why we chose this hotel.

We are only staying in Tokyo this time, but I want to spend more time in Japan and see more of the country. I’ve already made plans to come back here!

Question: What do you think of British people?


Family from Thailand

This is our first trip to Japan. Some of my wife’s friends recommended that we come here. We will be in Japan for a total of 5 days, and today is the 4th day. We’ll stay at this hotel for one night, then we’ll go back home.

We came here because of the weather. It’s quite hot in Thailand right now, so we wanted to enjoy the winter weather in Japan. We were going to a ski park, but we didn’t because it would have been too cold!

We chose this hotel due to it’s proximity to Shibuya Station.

We went to Tokyo Disneyland® and stayed at a hotel nearby. Then we came here. We now want to see the shopping areas, the famous Shibuya Crossing and the statue of Hachiko tomorrow.

Question: Do Japanese people get bored of cold weather? Do they enjoy experiencing hot weather like we have in Thailand?


Couple from US

We’re from the Bay Area in California. We came to Japan for the first time and arrived at the airport just a few hours ago. It’s a bit colder here at this time of the year, but we came here now because it’s our honeymoon. We got married just two days ago.

We chose Japan as a honeymoon destination because we think Japan is a perfect place for us. We’ve been interested in its culture, and a lot of our friends recommended we visit Japan.

We chose this hotel because it’s located around the city area, so we don’t need to walk as much. There were other cheaper choices, but those were far from the city center. This hotel is much more convenient compared to them.

We’re going to be in Japan for around two and a half weeks. We’ll be in Tokyo for five days and we hope to go to Tsukiji Fish Market tomorrow. We will also visit major places like Shinjuku and Akihabara. Then we’ll stay in Kyoto and Osaka.

Question: Is there anything we need to do to avoid being disrespectful?


Mother and daughter from S. Korea

Today is our first day in Tokyo. This is our fifth trip to Japan and we’ve been to Okinawa and Fukuoka before, but this is our first time in Tokyo. We hope to learn about Japanese culture through eating foods, such as noodles, beef and katsudon, and seeing interesting things here.

We chose this hotel because it’s close to Shibuya Station and other hotels around here are very expensive in comparison. I also checked for reviews on some hotel booking websites and they said that this hotel has good service and is nice and clean.

We’ll be only in Tokyo for five days this time. We want to go to Tokyo Disneyland® as we don’t have a Disneyland resort in South Korea. We will also go to Kamakura; it’s the setting for my favorite movie “Our Little Sister”!

Question: Do Japanese people like Korean people?


Couple from Vietnam

We’re from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. It’s hot there right now. This is our first trip to Japan. This country is very clean yet so crowded! We’re interested in Japanese culture, so we searched up where to go on the Internet.

We also looked for a place to stay through the Internet and chose this hotel because there were many good reviews.

We’re staying in Tokyo for five days because it has so many things to see and do. We want to have real Japanese food, especially sushi and sashimi because we’ve only had it in Vietnam before.

Question: Where should we go in Tokyo? What foods should we try here?


Man from Kuwait

I’m just about to leave here to go back home. I chose this hotel because of its good location: you can go anywhere on foot.

I’ve been in Japan for ten days, staying in Tokyo and Nara. I have always been interested in Japanese culture. I think that Japan is a really good country. I love its people. I’ve never met such nice people in other places.

Question: Do they teach any other language in schools here?


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