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Reported by Isao Tokuhashi
Edited by Daniel Penso
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Sushi – a representative of Japanese cuisine. You can have or get sushi everywhere in the world. It’s quite common to see people who have never been to Japan getting sushi boxes at supermarkets and having them at staff lounges in their offices.

It’s great to have an authentic one, but making sushi by yourself in Japan also would be a wonderful experience. If you are interested in sushi making, you should try “Japan Cross Bridge”, a sushi class which is organized by experienced Japanese twin sisters.

As you see in the movie above, they teach you kindly in English.


Isao Tokuhashi, founder of My Eyes Tokyo, is BAD at cooking. However, he dared to enroll in an “Extravaganza Sushi making course”, which focuses on making traditional nigiri sushi (握り寿司, hand-formed sushi) and maki sushi (巻き寿司, roll sushi).
*He tried to make some “vegan nigiri sushi” too!


First of all, let’s start with tuna. The class started by cutting this red part of tuna meat to make sashimi.

It was challenging but he eventually learned how to make sashimi thanks to their wonderful lesson.


Then, he tried to make “Inside-out Roll Sushi”.

Unlike regular maki sushi, it looks like rice winding seaweed. Inside-out roll sushi was really popular among the customers at a Japanese restaurant, which the twin instructors used to work for in Geneva, Switzerland.

He struggled in adjusting the amount of vinegared rice for one roll but was able to complete the task.

He also made hosomaki (細巻き, thin sushi roll).


Finally Tokuhashi encountered his biggest hurdle – making nigiri sushi. He was worried about a horrible result coming about from his awkward manner.

At first, an instructor taught him how to make nigiri sushi with a fake, handmade one.

Then he tried making sushi with real vinegared rice and seafood (and some vegetables).

He managed to make it! Tokuhashi was surprised that nigiri sushi contained much less rice than he expected.

He made many different kinds of sushi!

*Photo taken by Isao Tokuhashi


A certificate was given to him right before eating!

*Photo provided by Japan Cross Bridge


All the sushi was eaten up and an interview was conducted with instructors after the meal. Click here and read the very first story of the class!


*No credit video and photos: Taken by Masanori Tsuchibuchi



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