MET Column

Happy Birthday to Turkey!

İstiklal Avenue in Istanbul is visited by nearly 3 million people on weekend days. *Photo from Wikipedia Octob


Happy Birthday to Zambia!

Pupils at a girls’ secondary school in Zambia. *Photo from Wikipedia October 24 is Independence Day, cel


Happy Double Ten Day!

Banners and flags hanging in Montreal’s Chinatown in celebration for the 100th National Day. *Photo from


Happy Fiji Day!

Coconut palms line the beaches of Fiji. *Photo from Wikipedia October 10 is Fiji Day, celebrates the independe


Happy Birthday to Uganda!

Ugandan children attending a primary education program for conflict-affected students. *Photo from Wikipedia O


Happy Birthday to Croatia!

Croatia national football team came in second at the 2018 World Cup. *Photo from Wikipedia October 8 is Indepe


Happy Birthday to Lesotho!

Maseru, the capital and largest city of Lesotho. *Photo from Wikipedia October 4 is Independence Day, celebrat


Happy German Unity Day!

Berlin Wall, October 1990, saying “Thank You, Gorbi (Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Un


Happy Gaecheonjeol!

Mausoleum of Tangun, the legendary founder of Gojoseon (古朝鮮), the first ever Korean kingdom. *Photo from Wikip


Happy Birthday to Guinea!

A market in Guinea. *Photo from Wikipedia October 2 is Independence Day, which celebrates the independence of


Happy Birthday to Palau!

Koror City, the largest city in Palau. It was formerly the capital until 2006. *Photo from Wikipedia October 1


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